Ron Green and Andy Moberly were crowned NWT state Champions at Sherman on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013.  Green and Moberly weighed in 8 fish for 20.20 pounds over the two days and were awarded $3330 in cash for their finish.  Finishing in a close second was the team of Gene and Jake Brueggemann.  The duo weighed in 18.13 pounds for seven fish, including the big fish of the tournament (8.25 pounds) and took home over $2500 in cash for their impressive two day weight.  Finishing in third place with 9.25 pounds was the team of Ben Seim and Scott Willis earning them a total payday of $2040 including $1540 in cash and $500 in Cabela’s Anglers cash. Trolling cranks was the presentation of choice for the top three teams.  It was a very good paying event and the NWT would like to thank all of the teams that participated this season.  We hope to see everyone again next year!  The NWT board will be working on next year’s schedule in the coming weeks.



Completing an incredible season, James Miller and Jason Cooper of Hershey and Sutherland, NE win the “TEAM OF THE YEAR” award on the Nebraska Walleye Trail Tour with 570 points over three qualifying events. They held off Travis Sanger and Terry Zimmerman who ended the year with 566 points and a second place finish in the point’s race. Sanger and Zimmerman were also are the winners of the “CHARGERS OF THE YEAR “for being the most consistent anglers over all 4 tournaments with four solid finishes and 746 points. “They will be awarded Minn Kota on Board Chargers at the Championship. They will also be crowned “LOCATORS OF THE YEAR “for having the most total weight in all 4 tournaments will 84.12 pounds of fish for the season.  They will receive 2 Humminbird locators at the awards banquet. 

All of the top ten teams will receive their awards at the Awards banquet on Friday June 28th at the Awards Banquet and Rules Meeting starting at 7:00 PM. (A FREE meal is provided) 


Sherman Reservoir will be host to the Cabela’s NWT State Championship walleye tournament on Saturday and Sunday July 27th and 28th. To qualify for this event anglers must have fished in 3 regular season events. You may use a substitution for this tournament.  Your team must send in the entry form and the $260 entry fee to participate. Over $1900 will be added to the championship purse, making this a great paying event to fish. You can download an entry form from this site. We will have a free meal sponsored by Ranger Boats at the rules meeting and Awards Banquet on Friday June 28th starting at 7:00 PM at the Colony Inn.  Registration for the championship will be from 6:00-7:00 PM. 

The following is a list of the 33 teams that have fished 3 tournaments and have qualified for the state championship:  1) Jason Copper and James Miller, 2) Travis Sanger and Terry Zimmerman 3) Ben Garver and Bill Kunze,  4) Todd Weber and Mark Hunter, 5) Brian Regelin and Brett Vinzant, 6) Jake and Gene Bruggemann, 7) Ron and Seth Green,  8) Casey Williams and Chad Knispel 9) Caleb Quinn and Cyrus Quinn Bill, 10) Ruben Adams and Sheryl Steenson, 11) Scott Willis and Ben Seim, , 12) Greg Mekelburg and Rob Martenson, 13) Tim Hoffman and Cory Ekhoff 14) Logan Spanel and Jeff Synak, 15) Jesse Thielen and Joe Thielen 16) Mike Polak and Steve Isom 17)  Travis Riley and Cody Connell 18) Blaine and Nick Presley, 19) Gale Anderson and Ralph Payton  20) Ted Robinson and Marty Benson,  21) Jeff Schilousky and Jeremy Palacz, 22) Curt Baker and Kerry Kleeb 23) Shawn Stone and Jeff Zerr 24) Mike Woerth and Ray Kuta, 25) Jason Ericson and John Hupfer 26) Scott and Larry Placzek, 27) Joshua Jobman and Dan Kreis  28) Cameron Peister and Aaron Meier 29) Justin and Thomas Bliven, 30) Kevin Praeuner and Al Busboom, 31) Chuck Trew and Lonnie Clark 32) Cliff Doty and Scott Haes33) Dennis and Deon Quick WE HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE AT SHERMAN!  


Peister and Meier Win Trade Winds NWT & $3000

The Nebraska Walleye Trail held the final event of the season at Sherman Reservoir, Saturday, June 15th, and Sunday, June 16th.  Catching a walleye that exceeded 28 inches was huge for the winning team of Camron Peister and Aaron Meier as they were the only team able to catch a walleye over 28 inches. They dominated the field weighing nine fish over the two days with a total weight of 20.13 pounds, giving them a $3000 payday.  When Peister was asked about the win he said, “It has been a long time coming.  Aaron and I have fished these tournaments for years and have placed in every position in the top ten, but had never won gold! Glad to finally get a win.”  The duo was fishing live bait to catch their fish.

Todd Weber and Mark Hunter finished in second place with eight fish weighing 14.05 pounds, and were awarded $1700. They were also fishing live bait.  

 Third place went to Jeff Schilevsky and Jeremy Palacz with a total weight of 13.97 pounds.  They were also the winners of the Cabela’s Anglers cash for this event. 


Jason Krueger and Barry Walker were crowned Champions as they caught nine walleyes that weighed an incredible 57.68 pounds and earned $5300 as the winners of the 14th annual Big Mac Shut up and Fish Tournament event on Lake McConaughy.  Kruger and Walker were putting on a big fish clinic, as they landed 2 fish each day over 28 inches, including the big fish of the tournament. Their big fish weighed in at 13.82 pounds.  When asked about the win Kruger stated; “It’s been a long time coming.  Neither Barry nor I have won this tournament.  The weather was a big factor on Saturday, and big wind equaled big fish, which in turn kept our spot not so crowded.  Sunday on the other hand was a different story, but we know from fishing tournaments that when you haven’t fished a spot it’s hard to just go in and imitate what someone else is doing.  A big thanks goes to John and Rob Roland and Scott Sundstrom.  Also thanks to Darrell Morrow for all of his years running a great tournament and to Chad Vogl for stepping up and taking over and running a great tournament.”  

Finishing in second place and with an impressive 9 fish, 54.24 pound total weight was the team of Robbie Roland and Scott Sundstrom. The duo was fishing spinnerbaits and livebait. They were awarded $3250 for their second place finish. 


Finishing in third place and catching the only10 fish limit of the tournament and weighing 49.58 pounds was the team of Travis Sanger and Terry Zimmerman.  They were fishing Big Eye Spinnerbaits and live bait.  Travis and Terry cashed a check for $2000 for their outstanding tournament finish. 

Finishing in fourth place and weighing 7 fish for 44.48 pounds is the team of Dan and Mitch Rosencutter earning them $1250.  . Fifth Place and $800 goes to John Rowland and Cal Huebner with 6 fish for 42.04 pounds.  Finishing 6th and earning a check for $600 was Brian Regelin and Brett Vinzant, weighing 8 fish for 31.96 pounds.

Rounding out the top ten was: 7th- Jason Ericson and John Hupfer, 8th- Ron and Seth Green, 9th-Larry and Robert Sydow, 10th- Marcus Brown and Lennie Collins.  In all 58 teams fished under the windy conditions and there were an impressive number of big walleyes caught and released during the 2 day event.  The final stop of the NWT regular season is Sherman Reservoir is on Saturday and Sunday June 15th and 16th.  Thanks to the new tournament director Chad Vogl and his wife Kally for a great tournament!  Thanks again to Darrell Morrow for all of the great years! 

Trade Winds Tournament- June15th and 16th -Sherman Reservoir

The Nebraska Walleye Trail will wrap up its regular season June 15th and 16th on Sherman Reservoir. The lakes water level looks to be good for this time of year and the fishing should be good as well.  The Mandatory Rules Meeting will be Friday June 14th at the Colony Inn at 7:00 PM.  Registration will be from 6:00-7:00 PM.   The tournament will start at 7:00 A.M. both days and weigh-ins will start at 3:00 P.M. on Saturday and 2:00 P.M. on Sunday.  The weigh-ins and awards will take place at Trade Winds Marina.  All entries received after Monday June 10th will be charged a $30.00 late fee.  

This is the final Nebraska Walleye Trail Tournament of Season, before the Championship.  This tournament will decide who will be crowned the 2013 “TEAM OF THE YEAR”, “CHARGERS OF THE YEAR”, and “LOCATORS OF THE YEAR”. The winners of these awards and the top placing teams will receive awards and cash prizes at the Championship at the end of the month!  Heading in to the final tournament several teams have a shot at winning and placing in the top for end of the season awards.  

Regional Championship To qualify for this tournament teams must fish three events.  Please bring your entry fee and entry form to the tournament or mail to Brian Regelin before June 15th.


Bill Kunze and Ben Garver weighed a five fish limit that topped the scales at 18.34 pounds to win the second NWT event of the year on May 18th.  When asked about the win Garver commented;  “All of our fish were caught on slip bobbers using crawlers and leaches”  Finishing in a close second was the team of Ruben Adams and Sheryl Steenson.  They weighed 16.99 pounds for five fish.  Ruben commented; “We had good luck in the Powder Horn.   It was an early bite in 5 to 9 feet using slip bobbers and leeches.”


Third place went to Caleb and Cyrus Quinn with a total weight of 16.32 pounds.  Fourth Place was the team of Jason Cooper and James Miller with 16.28 pounds.  Fifth place with 13.85 goes to Travis Sanger and Beau Braun. Sixth Place with 13.66 pounds was Joe and Jesse Thielen. Seventh place with 13.12 pounds was Brian Regelin and Brett Vinzant. Eighth Place with 12.90 pounds was Steve Isom and Mike Polak. Bart Weaver and Rick Mallo finished 9th with 12.61 pounds.  Tenth goes to Nicholas and Cameron Werner with 11.88 pounds. 

With a few storm fronts rolling through the area throughout the week, it made the bite a little more challenging, but the fishing was still very good.  This one day event found anglers using a variety of presentations to catch their fish.  A big thanks goes to the Valentine Chamber and Tournament Director Steve Isom for putting on this event.  


Mike Woerth and Ray Kuta were crowned the 19th annual Rose Placzek Walleye Tournament Champions and reeled in over $5,000 in cash and prizes on Sunday, May 5th at Sherman Reservoir.  The winning team caught three walleyes weighing 12.14 pounds, while fishing the one day Nebraska Walleye Trail Tournament event.  Their one day catch gave them less than a pound margin of victory over runner up Casey Williams and Chad Knispel, who landed three walleyes weighing 11.36 pounds.  “This is absolutely unbelievable and to also qualify for the National Tournament has always been a dream of mine. It  feels like shooting a Bull Elk with a Bow” said Mike Worth after their teams first ever tournament win.  “We were drifting and vertical jigging with live bait in 25-30 feet of water.”  Their first tournament win earned them a pay day including: 2 first place plaques, $3950 cash for first, $480 cash for big fish (8.75 pounder), $100 Cabela’s Anglers Cash, $300 paid entry to next year’s NTC, a gas stipend, and walleye federation custom jerseys and plaques. 

BIG FISH 8.75 Pounds

BIG FISH 8.75 Pounds

The second place team of Casey Williams and Chad Knispel weighed in at 11.36 pounds for 3 fish and used live bait to catch their fish. They were awarded $2500 for finishing second.  “We marked a good school of fish, anchored up on them and fished live bait over them all day” Stated Casey Williams after the tournament. 



Third place went to James Miller and Jason Cooper from Hershey and Sutherland, NE as they won $1330 for their 9.02 pounds for 4 fish. They were fishing jigs and live bait for their fish.  They also were the winners of the Ranger Cup award for this event. 



Fourth place and $700 went to Jake Bruggemann and Gene Bruggemann with 8.58 pounds. Fifth place and $500 went to Devin Schroder and Ryan Obermeier with 8.53 pounds.  Sixth place and $400 went to Travis Sanger and Terry Zimmerman with 8.49 pounds.  
Rounding out the top ten teams were: 7th- Travis Riley and Cody Conell, 8th-Todd Weber and mark Hunter, 9th- Craig Zikmund and Mike Schaul, 10th-Scott Placzek and larry Placzek. 62 teams fished the first event of the year. 

Nebraska Walleye Trail anglers must compete in three regular-season events to qualify for the Cabela’s State Championship and end of the season awards and the Regional Championship at Lake Oahe in July.

Rose Placzek Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to Jordan Boyles from Loup City who received the $1000.00 Rose Placzek Memorial Scholarship at the rules meeting! 

The Walleye Federation

The NWT is now an Official Club for the National Walleye Federation. Anyone interested in joining the side pot for the next tournament and becoming a federation member go to and click on side pot. If you are only interested in only the membership or need assistance, please call Scott Willis at 308-216-0434. Thanks Scott for all of your work in organizing this